Streaming Video! (?)

We're looking at some options to provide streaming video of our next event. Our initial thoughts are to designate one table as being online for the duration. There are some options which will make this possible at a fairly reasonable noise/clarity. Obviously it won't be full HD with engineered sound, but it should offer a good glimpse. Remember that one of the goals of Spielbany, aside from just providing a place to playtest games at various stages, is to provide some visibility for the design/ers.

Understanding the risk of opening a giant can of worms, we're looking for a few opinions from a few different groups of people:

1) Designers, is this something you would be interested in participating in? Do you have designs which you would like to have on camera, or designs which you wouldn't mind having appear?

2) Guinea pigs, would you have an hesitation playing "on camera." Any other concerns we need to address?

3) Interested third parties, is this something you would tune-in for? Would you come to to catch some of the action either live during the event or at random other times if the video was recorded and left to loop for some period after the event?

4) Everybody... go answer the poll!

Thanks for you input,
Tom, Jeff & Mike //Founders

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