Spring Spielbany 2013 Previews

Folks, it's that time again. Take a quick look over some of the games we'll be playing this weekend. There are a few we've seen before and a good crop of new entries. Enjoy!

Do You Know Your Neighbor? 5-12p, 45 mins.
Josh Degregorio & Phil Cartagena

A strategic party game of deduction, teamwork, and sabotage all wrapped into a neighborly theme.

An extensive review of an unpublished copy has been posted by Father Geek:

And a Dice Tower video by Tom Vasel:

Fantasy Turf Wars. 2-6p, 60-120mins
Josh Degregorio & Phil Cartagena
A light-hearted take on a strategic, fantasy conquest game with alternate ways of winning for the faint-of-heart who don't like wiping other players off the map. Kind of like Smallworld meets Rex.

Arcade Rumble, 2-4p, 1hr max.
Nick Korn

The game takes place in an arcade, and each player is competing to hold the top scores on each machine. Each deck is filled with in-game skills and items, new machines which are automatically brought into the arcade, and out-of-game actions that affect what happens in the arcade. Players show off powerful moves and crazy techniques, and the person who holds the title on the most machines when the arcade reaches its saturation point is the winner!

Talents, 3-5p, 30min
Jeff Warrender

Light auction game. Each round features several auctions, and in each, the price starts high and decreases. Wait until the price is right for the card you want, but waiting too long risks another player taking the card and consumes your limited supply of "time tokens".

Downhill Racer, 1-4p, 30 min
Jeff Warrender

Quick push-your-luck-ish dice game about the Olympic Downhill. The course is composed of cards, each of which represents a course element (a turn, a jump, etc), and each of which tests a particular skill (turning, gliding, etc). Choose how aggressive you want to be on an element and then roll to see if you succeed; success increases your speed, failure could result in a crash (and crashes are harder to avoid the faster you're going!).

I am Spartacus, 6-20p, 10min
Jeff Warrender

A game in which players stand up and declare "I am Spartacus!" a la Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis.

Safehouse, 3-7p, 60-90min
Tom Kiehl

In this semi-cooperative game the players take on
the roles of a group of thieves looking to knock off bigger and
bigger targets. Can you contribute to each progressive heist?
Will the cops nail you or find your group's safe house? Will your
buddies bail you out or rat you out? Will you dare to swipe stuff
from the safe house? Will your "friends" try to tap into your
private stash? Are there too many options in this game for it to
be any fun?

Triple Delight, 2-8p, 10-20min
Tom Kiehl
In this flicking, flipping dexterity game you will flick your tokens on the table to surround and capture opponents’ pieces while you try to defend your own desserts.

Keep an eye out for dessert eating creeps, don’t get raw egg on your desserts and, if you can, claim the trophy to protect your desserts for a time.

Cyber Warrior 3, 4-6p, 30min
Michael Walters

In the future cyber warriors compete on a virtual battle field as the flashiest virtual reality TV series. In this card and dice game you build your attacks and defense while trying to eliminate your opponents. The twist here is that the opponent you attack and the one you are defending from are not the same person. The only way you get to attack the person who is attacking you is by making it through all the opponents in between.

That Crafting Game, 3-4p, 45min
Michael Walters

In this game you are up for the job of master artificer for the Fae Queen. You have till the summer solstice to create magical wonders for you to present to the queen. The one with the most exciting collection wins. This game is a card game where each group starts off with recipes to make level one objects, that through trade and more resources create level two objects, that can once more be remixed to create level three objects. Turns are somewhat simultaneous with what order you do things decided by each player. separately. There is a market place that is currently under heavy tweaking. This is hopefully going to be ready for a dry run through by the 6th.

Warlord Introductory Scenario: A Tale of Two Countries
2 players/teams, 2-3 hours.
Joe Joyce

Warlord is a set of rules for an abstract strategy wargame. This intro scenario has been playtested a few times, but the game itself has been fairly thoroughly developed. What I'm looking for are high quality scenarios that are also very replayable, and not too long for an afternoon or evening.

There are 5 piece types, each with a different short range move, diagrammed in the lower left corner of the piece. One type is a leader. Any piece, to move, must be activated by a leader that is within 2 squares of the piece at the start of that piece's move. Leaders have different values, and players get only a limited total number of activations per turn, 8 for this scenario. Capture is automatic. A player merely moves a piece legally into a square containing an enemy piece. The enemy piece is captured and the friendly piece remains in the square, ceasing movement.

Each player has 4 cities at start, each with its own small army. Victory goes to the player who has a friendly unit in an enemy city at the beginning of a friendly turn, or essentially destroys the opposing army. Players get periodic reinforcements and occasional replacements. Playtest games have lasted from 15 to 35 turns.

I should be able to send rules within a week, should anyone be interested. I've just completed the first "pretty" prototype, but don't have a picture yet. However, there are a couple pictures of the original, "ugly" prototype on BGG, courtesy of Christian Sperling (konsum24).

Grammar Slammer, 1-5p, 15min
Dean Howard

A simple card game to help children learn to put sentences together.

Six old men who Rule the World, 3-6p, 1.5hours?
Rich Durham

The most boring description: Heavy negotiation game about the mitigation of stressors on various regions of the world. Players represent a behind the scenes faction that influences the globe towards their own goals, but only indirectly, and only with the cooperation of the other players.

Totally not Zomboree, 4-20p, <30m
Rich Durham

A Hot Potato, group puzzle-solving game involving zombies.....because you know....zombies. Meant to be played in small groups or large ones the same way.

Mainframe Omega (aka Broker), 2-5p, 90min
Andy Van Zandt

A trading game without negotiation... sort of.

In Ruins, 2-4p, 90 min
Andy Van Zandt

Post-apocalyptic drafting game.

Futures Market, 4+/-1p, 30-60min
P.D. Magnus

Players bid for commodities on the basis of limited knowledge about what they might be worth. In its previous incarnation (as "Speculation") this used the Decktet for both the valuation cards and the commodities. If I have time to put it together, this will be with new cards.

Time Library, 3-6p, 10min
Cristyn Magnus

The world is doomed. You are probably all going to die.
Fortunately, the portal to the temporal library has opened. You
are part of the crack team that will be sent through the portal
to find the records room, figure out what humanity will have done
to avert disaster, then take the return portal to implement the

Time library is a semi-cooperative, music making, maze
exploration game. Players start out on the same team, but its
possible only some of them will make it out of the library.

Players should feel free to bring instruments or objects they've
got lying around that make cool sounds. I will bring a box of
found objects for players who don't have their own.

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